AERAsec - Consulting  
The Internet offers very many opportunities in the area of business, e.g. for marketing purposes, a quick and easy communication, for research or to generate new leads. When regarding E-Procurement or Customer Relationship new and effective possibilities are given.
There is a permanent danger of attacks from the outside and from the inside. They involve not only personal data, but all confidential data of your business. The economic disprofit resulting from such attacks and the loss of trust as well as image can be substantial for your business. Therefore Network security is the most important prerequisite for the commercial use of Internet, Intranet and Extranet.
Our consultants work together with all industries, regarding the possibilities to secure networks and to create a low-risk and high-efficient access to the Internet. Exactly in this area there are no standard-solutions available, therefore we can reach an optimum result together with you only. Each solution we offer is created very individually upon your individual demands and needs.
After having the solutions installed, you're not alone: Our support team helps you to solve arising problems. Our team is also specialized and well experienced on troubleshooting in the area of networks and servers.