Network Security

Network Security

There are a lot of solutions for all kind of problems - but not every solution fits all needs.

The requirements, written down in the security concept, have to be implemented. The steps for improving security can be made by different solutions. Some examples for solutions to improve the security:

  • FIREWALL - Deployment of different mechanisms to check the traffic between networks with different states of trust. It's possible to use commercial products as well as own solutions. The most important thing is the correct and safe configuration of the Firewall and it's steady administration.
  • INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEM - They are used to check the traffic in the internal network and the activities on various servers. To find suspicious actions, the normal state has to be defined. Only then, an Intrusion Detection System will work proper and reliable.
  • CONTENT CONTROL - Checking the transferred content becomes more and more important. This might be filtering Malicious Code like e.g. Viruses, Worms or Trojans. Additionally, more and more enterprises have the need to check the content of the World Wide Web downloaded by the users.
  • AUTHENTICATION - Needed to find out if the user is really the person he or she seems to be. Sometimes traditional methods like static passwords are not safe enough. So more and more companies use One-Time-Passwords or a cryptographic authentication in combination with a Single-Sign-On.
  • ENCRYPTION - Save and reliable transfer of sensitive data via the Internet needs encryption within a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Besides a static Site-to-Site VPN between e.g. some sites of your company, more and more Client-to-Site VPN are necessary. Deploying this kind of VPN, a safe connection from the Internet to your internal network is offered for remote users.
  • CONTINUITY CONCEPTS - Services should be always available - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. If there is an outage, it should be detected immediately and the system be up again as soon as possible. There are several approaches for this. Especially technical solutions help administrators to ensure the availability of systems and networks.

When implementing different solutions for several needs, we are independent from any manufacturer. So we can find the optimum solution for you and your needs. There isn't any product which can be used as a "joker" to fulfill all your needs and tasks. So there is no Standard like "use this and you are safe in every situation".