Network Services

Network Services

AERAsec - Network Services  
We support you selecting a provider and implementing your ideas how your company should be present on the Internet.
The connection between your network and the Internet is planned, installed and configured safely by us. So risks of the connection to the Internet are minimized.
We design and implement your Intranet. The installation and the operating is enforced with the current state of the security technology.
Your servers necessary for being present in the Internet (e.g. DNS, E-Mail or Proxy Server) are installed by us. On demand we also operate them.
The design of your web servers, their implementation and the programming of active content is done by us close to your ideas.
The success of your web server is documented by detailed statistics. Our evaluation and trend analysis gives you a reliable feedback.
On demand, all solutions are implemented high-available. This includes outage-concepts and their transformation on organizational and technical level.