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About Us

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The core competence of AERAsec is IT Security. Further on we engaged in the design of complex networks and troubleshooting. Our company solely employs longtime experts in the area of IT Security. Most of them work with the Internet since the late eighties and concentrated very early on Internet related security issues. Especially companies with heterogeneous networks take profit from our know-how, which is besides the conceptual work the Implementation as well as the Integration of quite complex solutions. Troubleshooting and Support is a main part of our daily business. So we can help our customers in a fast and professional manner at any time, even if there are complex questions or problems with productive systems and networks. Reliable adherence and service as well as a flexible pricing is the basis for a long lasting, successful partnership with our customers.

Best regards,
Dr. Matthias Leu and his team

Network Services and Security GmbH

Wagenberger Strasse 1
D-85662 Hohenbrunn
Telephone: +49 8102 895 190
Facsimile: +49 8102 895 199
E-Mail: info@aerasec.de

HRB: 133265 München
Manager: Dr. Matthias Leu